IEEE 1588 PTP Time Server

IEEE 1588 PTP Time Server
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IEEE 1588 PTP Time Server

PTP Time Server is a standard PTP clock server, by the extented BMC (Best Master Clock) algorithm, PTP TimeServer can quickly select the high precision clock source to sync with. PTP TimeServer can be synchronized to absolute time such as GPS, Galileo, BD-Star systems. The reference clock can also be

synchronized to external time through an external GPS interface or IRIG-B interface. It has multiple functions of master clock, slave clock and boundary clock through the operating mode of the software configuration system.

Providing plentiful 18-channel output interface, the device adopts the flexible method of plug-in card, and may configure the output interface flexibly. The output signals contain time synchronization signals of PPS (Pulse per Second), PPM (Pulse per Minute), PPH(Pulase per hour), IRIG-B (DC), IRIG-B (AC), IRIG-B (Manchester), 10KHz, serial port time message and network time service, with each way output signal mutual isolation electrically.

As a top-ranking clock server, PTP Time Server could choose the installation of internal OCXO or rubidium atomic clock, making the device have a better timekeeping ability; meanwhile the clock control algorithm in the system outputs the time information stably in a certain period of time to keep certain time service accuracy.
PTP TimeServer is equipped with management interfaces. The administrative interface adopts visualization operation interface to monitor the functional mode of the device, set the running parameter of the device, and meanwhile display the illustration of the precision measured by the output signal internally.


PTP Time Server(IEEE1588 Time Server)

  • Standard PTP TimeServer, with GPS(Global Positioning System), BD-Star (Chinese version GPS system) receiver, by the extented BMC (Best Master Clock) algorithm,PTP TimeServer can quickly select the high precision clock source to sync with.
  • Flexible deployment of the interface board
  • Optional BD-Star or GPS
  • Equipped with clock control algorithm, and with the performance of perfect timekeeping
  • Optional atomic clock or OCXO
  • Supporting 18-channel timing signal outputs
  • Supporting high precise 1PPS/1PPM/1PPH, 10 KHz, IRIG-B code, Manchester code outputs
  • Supporting RS-232/485 serial port time service
  • Time delay compensation function
  • Supporting NTP/SNTP network time service
  • Supporting PTP network setting time
  • Supporting visualization operation management
  • Dual redundant power supplies


  • Star Search Performance
  • GPS locking time: Warm Start:29s Cold Start:35s Hot Start:<1s
  • BD locking time: warm Start:20s Cold Start:80s
  • Five years warranty & life long maintenance
  • Small quantity OEM is acceptable
  • Work Temperature:-20˚C to 75˚C
  • Storage Temperature:-40 to 85℃
  • Ambient Relative Humidity: 10 to 95%(Non-condensing)


  • Substation Automation
  • Video Surveillance(CCTV system)
  • Intelligent Traffic System
  • Telecommunication
  • Other fields that require high time accuracy





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